Aircrafts count

Hello guys

Today we have an event from yerven to kuwait

So after we reach kuwait airport and most of players parks in gates I decided to take a picture then I noticed there’s some aircrafts not appears and there’s square instead . I attached this photo to explain it more

Also I already choose very high for aircrafts counts in the setting

Thank you

Because rendering all the aircraft would cause your device to lag really badly.

Either your aircraft count is not set to “very high” Sorry if I don’t know much it came from my head

Having aircraft count set to “very high” doesn’t mean that every single aircraft at an airport is rendered. It just means that there will be 10-12 aircraft shown on your screen. Anything more could affect your performance which would not be very beneficial.
Maybe with Project Metal we will be able to see more aircraft at once without it affecting performance too much. :)


Thanks all for your replies,

I wrote this topic because previously i can saw all aircrafts for this reason I was little confused.

But i this it should be an option if you want to see all aircrafts. Because i always flies with group so i need to take pictures from my instagram.

Until mobile devices get stronger this won’t happen as mobile device simply won’t allow it to happen. It would cause lots of stress on your device and may even crash the app due to excess stress thus why only a few aircraft in a certain radius are rendered on your screen to reduce stress on your device.

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