Aircraft You’ve Flown This Year (2023 Edition)

Inspired by an Instagram tag, I’m interested in seeing the IFC’s collection of “Aircraft You’ve Flown This Year” as a passenger or a pilot!

You don’t have to be as specific to the point you know the registrations, just share what you can and want.

I am looking forward to seeing what we have!

My list:

May- Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EVH) KSFO-OMDB

May- Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EPR) OMDB-RPLL

May- Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EPQ) RPLL-OMDB

May- Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EVI) OMDB-KSFO

Oct- Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EVD) KSFO-OMDB

Oct- Emirates Airbus A380-861 (A6-EEE) OMDB-WSSS

Oct- Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (A6-ENQ) WSSS-OMDB

Oct- Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EUW) OMDB-KSFO


My list:

Jul - Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER (A7-BEP) EGLL-OTHH
Jul - Qatar Airways Airbus A320-200 (A7-AHW) OTHH-HTZA

Aug - Qatar Airways Airbus A320-200 (A7-AHB) HTZA-OTHH
Aug - Qatar Airways Airbus A380-800 (A7-APH) OTHH-EGLL
Aug - British Airways Airbus A320-251N (G-TTNF) EGLL-LGKF

Sep - British Airways Airbus A320-200 (G-EUUU) LGKF-EGLL

Oct - British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (G-VIIF) EGLL-KJFK
Oct - British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (G-VIIA) KEWR-EGLL
Oct - easyJet Airbus A320-251N (G-UJEC) EGKK-LGAV
Oct - easyJet Airbus A319-100 (G-EZBI) LGAV-EGKK


I didn’t keep a list of registrations but:

JAN - American A321NEO KPHL-KMIA
JAN - American A321NEO KMIA-KPHL

MAR - Aer Lingus A321NEO KPHL-EIDW
MAR - Aer Lingus A320 EIDW-LSZH
MAR - Aer Lingus A320 LSZH-EIDW
MAR - Aer Lingus A321NEO EIDW-KPHL

JUL - EVA Air 777-300(ER) CYYZ-RCTP
JUL - Scoot 787-9 RCTP-RJAA
JUL - Air Canada 787-8 RJTT-CYYZ

SEP - American A321NEO KPHL-KLAX

OCT - American A321NEO KLAX-KPHL

NOV - Southwest 737 MAX 8 KPHL-KMCO
NOV - Southwest 737-700 KMCO-KROC
NOV - American Eagle E175 KROC-KPHL

In December I will also be flying a Delta 717 and A330 to Europe.


APR - Delta A321Neo KLAX-KFLL
APR - BahamasAir 737-700 KFLL-MYNN
APR - Delta 737-900 MYNN-KATL
APR - Delta A321Neo KATL-KLAX

JUN - Finnair A350-900 KLAX-EFHK
JUN - SmartLynx A320 EFHK-ESSA

JUL - British Airways A320 EHAM-EGLL
JUL - American 777-300ER EGLL-KLAX

AUG - American E175 KLAX-KMSO
AUG - Allegiant A320 KMSO -KLAX

DEC - Southwest 737-MAX8 KLAX-KSJC
DEC - Southwest 737-800 KSJC-KLAX



For me:

December 31/January 1: ATL-MSP Delta B752 (N688DL)

March 31: MSP-KEF IcelandAir B737M8 (TF-ICM)

April 8: KEF-MSP IcelandAir B737M8 (TF-ICS)

July 9: MSP-DEN Sun Country B738 (N834SY)

July 15: DEN-MSP Sun Country B738 (N835SY)

August 17: MSP-BOS Sun Country B738 (N850SY)

August 24: MVY-JFK Republic (Delta Connection) E175 (N203JQ)

August 24: JFK-MSP Delta A319 (N315NB)

I’ll be adding three more flights by the years end.



MAR - Delta A320 JAX-MSP
MAR - Delta A320 MSP-BOI
MAR - Delta A320 BOI-MSP
MAR - Delta A320 MSP-JAX
MAR - Piper PA-32RT-300T CRG-RZR
MAR - Piper PA-32RT-300T RZR-M54
MAR - Southwest 737-700

JUN - Southwest 737 MAX8 JAX-BWI
JUN - Southwest 737 MAX8 BWI-SYR
JUN - Southwest 737-700 SYR-BWI
JUN - Southwest 737 MAX8 BWI-JAX
JUN - Delta 757-200 ATL-JAX

JUL - Delta 757-200 JAX-ATL
JUL - Delta 737-900 ATL-STL
JUL - Delta 737-800 STL-ATL
JUL - Delta 757-200 ATL-JAX
JUL - Frontier A321neo JAX-PHL
JUL - Frontier A321neo PHL-JAX

OCT - Southwest 737 MAX8 JAX-BNA
OCT - Southwest 737 MAX8 BNA-JAX

NOV - Frontier A321neo MCO-STL
NOV - Spirit A320 STL-MCO

DEC - Delta A221 JAX-BOS
DEC - Delta A339 BOS-CDG
DEC - Air France (Hop!) CDG-BSL
JAN - Vueling A320 BSL-BCN
JAN - Delta A330-300 BCN-JFK
JAN - Delta Connection Crj900 JFK-JAX


I approve.


MAY2023: United airlines:737-8M:ORF-ORD
MAY2023:United airlines:737-8M:ORD-ORF(CANCELLED FLIGHT)
JUNE2023:United airlines:A320:ORF-IAH
JUNE2023:United Airlines:A320:IAH-YVR
JUNE2023:United Airlines:737-8M:YVR-EWR(Overnight)
JUNE2023:United Airlines:737-8:EWR-ORF

Maybe flight. DEC2023:Delta airlines:752:ORF-ATL


MAR - United B739 BZN-DEN
MAR - United B772 DEN-HNL
MAR - United B77W HNL-GUM

APR - United B77W GUM-HNL
APR - United B772 HNL-DEN
APR - United A320 DEN-JAC

MAY - United A319 JAC-DEN
MAY - United B739 DEN-SFO
MAY - United B753 SFO-DEN
MAY - United A320 DEN-JAC

JUN - United A320 JAC-SFO
JUN - United B77W SFO-NRT
JUN - United B789 NRT-DEN
JUN - United A319 DEN-JAC

AUG - United A320 JAC-SFO
AUG - United A320 SFO-JAC

DEC - Delta A319 JAC-SLC
DEC - United B739 SLC-ORD
DEC - United A320 ORD-SLC
DEC - Delta A319 SLC-JAC


June 25th - Southwest 737-700: HOU-OAK (N7823A)

August 9th - Spirit A320-200: OAK-LAX (N641NK)
August 9th - Spirit A320-200: LAX-IAH (N622NK)

Just 1 trip this year, but hey I’m not complaining, got to try 2 new airlines and finally fly on a 737.


I would post pictures but it might be too many, so will just give the info.

January 20th - Philippine Airlines A321 (RP-C9929) PR307 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Manila (RPLL)

January 21st - Philippine Airlines Dash-8 (RP-C5906) PR2963 - Manila (RPLL) - Busuanga (RPVV)

January 29th - Philippine Airlines Dash-8 (RP-C5917) PR2964 - Busuanga (RPVV) - Manila (RPLL)

January 29th - Philippine Airlines A321 (RP-C9926) PR306 - Manila (RPLL) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

March 30th - Philippine Airlines A321 (RP-C9929) PR319 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Manila (RPLL)

March 30th - Philippine Airlines A321 (RP-C9901) PR110 - Manila (RPLL) - Guam (PGUM)

March 31st - United Airlines B737-800 (N37281) UA155 - Guam (PGUM) - Chuuk (PTKK)

April 9th - United Airlines B737-800 (N37298) UA95 - Chuuk (PTKK) - Guam (PGUM)

April 9th - Philippine Airlines A321neo (RP-C9937) PR111 - Guam (PGUM) - Manila (RPLL)

April 9th - Philippine Airlines A321 (RP-C9901) PR318 - Manila (RPLL) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

July 1st - Qatar Airways A350-900 (A7-ALT) QR815 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Doha (OTHH)

July 1st - Qatar Airways B777-300ER (A7-BOE) QR27 - Doha (OTHH) - Manchester (EGCC)

July 16th - Aer Lingus ATR72-600 (G-CMJL) EI3671 - Leeds Bradford (EGNM) - Belfast City (EGAC)

July 17th - Aer Lingus ATR72-600 (G-CMJN) EI3670 - Belfast City (EGAC) - Leeds Bradford (EGNM)

July 22nd - Qatar Airways B777-300ER (A7-BAO) QR12 - London Heathrow (EGLL) - Doha (OTHH)

July 23rd - Qatar Airways B777-300ER (A7-BOA) QR816 - Doha (OTHH) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

September 14th - Singapore Airlines A380-800 (9V-SKV) SQ893 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Singapore (WSSS)

September 18th - Singapore Airlines A350-900 (9V-SMA) SQ874 - Singapore (WSSS) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

September 29th - Korean Air A330-300 (HL8002) KE178 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Seoul Incheon (RKSI)

October 2nd - Korean Air A380-800 (HL7621) KE177 - Seoul Incheon (RKSI) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

October 20th - Cathay Pacific A330-300 (B-LAE) CX925 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Cebu (RPVM)

October 25th - Cathay Pacific A330-300 (B-LAE) CX922 - Cebu (RPVM) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

December 1st - EVA Airways B787-9 (B-17881) BR872 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP)

December 4th - EVA Airways A330-200 (B-16312) BR857 - Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

December 26th - Malaysia Airlines (Expected B737-800) MH79 - Hong Kong (VHHH) - Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)

December 27th - Malaysia Airlines (Expected A330-300) MH715 - Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) - Denpasar/Bali (WADD)

Low key stole the idea of a map from @Alboma cause I think it is super dope, so here you go!


February 4th: Barcelona BCN - Amsterdam AMS on a KLM B738

February 5th: Amsterdam AMS - Barcelona BCN on a KLM B737

July 11th: Barcelona BCN - Menorca MAH on a Vueling A320

July 25th: Menorca MAH - Barcelona BCN on a Vueling A321

July 31st: Barcelona BCN - Zurich ZRH on a Swiss A321

August 2nd: Zurich ZRH - Barcelona BCN on a Swiss A320

August 9th: Barcelona BCN - Menorca MAH on a Vueling A320

August 19th: Menorca MAH - Barcelona BCN on a Vueling A320

September 1st: Barcelona BCN - Malaga AGP on a Vueling A320

September 6th: Malaga AGP - Barcelona BCN on a Vueling A320

Not as extensive as some others but still I managed to fly 8 times this year…

This is a map of these flights:


FEB - Southwest B738 GRR-BWI
FEB - Southwest B38M BWI-DEN
FEB - Southwest B737 DEN-MDW
FEB - Southwest B38M MDW-GRR

MAR - Delta B752 ORD-ATL
MAR - Virgin Atlantic A35K ATL-LHR

APR - Southwest B738 MDW-SAN

MAY - Southwest B38M SAN-MDW
MAY - United B739 GRR-DEN
MAY - United A319 DEN-GRR

JUN - Southwest B737 DEN-MDW

JUL - Southwest B737 GRR-DEN

AUG - Delta B752 DEN-ATL
AUG - Delta B739 ATL-GRR
AUG - Delta A321 GRR-MSP
AUG - Delta B739 MSP-DEN

OCT - United B739 DEN-GRR
OCT - United A320 GRR-DEN

NOV - Southwest B38M DEN-GRR
NOV - Southwest B737 GRR-DEN

Safe to say I think DEN and GRR are my home airports.


March 17- Delta A320-200 DCA-ATL
March 17- Delta 757-200 ATL-STT
March 23- Delta 757-200 STT-ATL
March 23- Delta A320-200 ATL-DCA
July 15- American Eagle E175L DCA-MHT (Manchester-Boston Regional Airport)


June 12 - 747-8B5 (HL7637)
June 14 (timezone change) - 777-3B5 (non ER) (HL7573)
August 12 - 787-9 (HL8081)
August 12 - 747-8B5 (HL7638)


can i include future trips (theyre in 2023)?

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I’ve only been on 4 flights you all are so lucky but here you go

2 JetBlue Airbus A321s from FLL to LAX and back ( N929JB & N984JB respectively ) sadly, I only got the photo of the A321 that took me to LA since on the flight back I got one of those sucky gates with no views over the ramp but they are pretty similar.

Later in October I flew with Spirit once again from FLL but down to Cali, Colombia with their Airbus A320 ( N691NK ) sadly it was swapped from neo to ceo but luckily I got a better view of it!

And then when I flew back to FLL, I did get to fly the neo ( N964NK ) and thats all for 2023, hopefully more in 2024!


JAN 2023 9M-FYK Subang (SZB) to Singapore Seletar (XSP) ATR72-500 (AT7)

JAN 2023 9M-FYF Singapore Seletar (XSP) to Subang ATR72-500 (AT7)

JAN 2023 9M-MXQ Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Singapore (SIN) B737-800NG (738)

MAR 2023 9V-MBJ Singapore (SIN) to Da Nang (DAD) B737-MAX-8 (7M8)

MAR 2023 9V-MBL Da Nang (DAD) to Singapore (SIN) B737-MAX-8 (7M8)

MAY 2023 9V-SMY Singapore (SIN) to Frankfurt Rhein Main (FRA) A350-900 (359)

JUN 2023 9V-SMR Milan Malpensa (MXP) to Singapore (SIN) A350-900 (359)

JUN 2023 9M-LMP Singapore (SIN) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) B737-800NG (738)

JUN 2023 9V-JSQ Kuala Lumpur-2 (KUL) to Singapore (SIN) A320-232 w/ Sharklets (322)

SEP 2023 9M-FYC Singapore seletar (XSP) to Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) ATR72-500 (AT7) FY3125

SEP 2023 9M-FYI Kuala Lumpur Subang (SZB) to Singapore Seletar (XSP) ATR72-500 (AT7) FY3126

OCT 2023 9V-SKW Singapore Changi (SIN) to Hong Kong International T1 (HKG) A380-841 (388) SQ892

OCT 2023 9V-SKR Hong Kong International T1 (HKG) to Singapore Changi (SIN) A380-841 (388) SQ893

NOV 2023 9M-LCW Singapore Changi (SIN) to Kuala Lumpur Main Terminal (KUL) B737-8U3 (738) OD808
Kinda shocks me how much I travel for work
NOV 2023 9M-MSF Kuala Lumpur Main Terminal to Singapore Changi (SIN) B737-800NG (738) MH606

NOV 2023 9V-SHU Singapore Changi (SIN) to Perth International T1(PER) A350-941
(359) SQ213

NOV 2023 9V-SHQ Singapore Changi (SIN) to Perth International T1 (PER) A350-941 (359) SQ213

Shocks me how much I travel for work


I remember the amazing pictures you sent of Jackson 😍😍

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I believe I’ve done 40-50 flights this year. Will post tomorrow listing them.

How do you get the maps @Alboma, @BP-Aviation, and @Mort?

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