Aircraft without colors reflection of weather

Starting with this newest update version, a lot of old aircrafts appear missing their colors reflecting the time or weather. They appear dead pale when you zoom away from the aircraft and zoom out. However this doesn’t exist while being near to the aircraft or zoomed in with free camera. It just feel creepy to see these pale colored planes when flying at night time… and it has impacted my video quality for some times, being an influencer publishing IF videos. I found this problem several times, and I recognized 737-900, A380-800 having this issue. I recommend checking on all aircrafts with old textures.

However, some new crafts such as the 777-300 also have this problem.

Issue found on iPad Pro 10.5 with iPad OS 15.4, IF 22.3.

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This issue has been reported and is being investigated. A fix for this should come out in a future update, however, no timeline is given.

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Alright, thank you very much😊

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