Aircraft With a Fuel Burn of 25,100 lbs/hr

simBrief doesn’t have the C-17 so I’m trying to find an aircraft that has the same fuel burn, as the two would likely be similar. If you have your own aircraft that you used in simBrief and modified to fit the C-17, let me know in the thread. If not, try and find any aircraft that can fly at FL280 (the TBM-930 and C-130 are the only turboprops in the sim that can, so don’t try the C172 or C208) in IF that also has a fuel burn between 24,500 and 25,700 lbs/hour. Thanks!

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For aircraft like that I just guesstimate the fuel myself. Simbreif does the rest, FPL, Diversions, etc.

I’d be careful on a long haul with the C17. I’ve had two of them fail for no reason, halfway through a flight, just fall from the sky while I wasn’t at the device. It’s an old aircraft with old autopilot, so not a shocker, but be careful…

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sadly I have stopped flying the C-17 for that reason. the old models are not enjoyable to fly in any circumstance.

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Well, I found that the A380 has the closest fuel burn to the C-17.

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