Aircraft which you can handle the best

  • a321
  • a330
  • a340
  • a380
  • b717
  • b737
  • b747
  • b757
  • b767
  • b777
  • b787
  • props

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I can handle pretty good all of them.
The 777s are my favorite, especially the 77W, I searched in the internet for its V speeds (for the correct weight). I also read the official Boeing manual!
Not very easy to handle for me are: B717, B747 (it lags more then any other aircraft on my device) and the B787.

Oh, and I forgot the CRJ200! Nearly impossible to land it.

737 is hard at low speeds and it slows down quickly so I hate it for that. 717 is hard to land smoothly. 747, 757, 767, and 777 are a dream to fly and land.

The E-Jets are irritating aircraft-Long takeoff runs, not optimal aircraft for landing.

CRJ-200 is trash all the time.

A330 is ok. Not very fun to fly though.

A340 is an awesome aircraft to fly, takeoff, and land in. Love it.

A380 is like the A340 but heavier and slower to respond.

A321 is horrible during all phases of flight. Hopefully the improved A321 fixes that.

Best, Boeing707