Aircraft Wear & Tear

If you don’t know what this means, basically it means dirty planes. Like it could be implemented so that whenever you spawn in, there is always different amounts of wear and tear on the plane. Here’s a picture for reference.
This could also be an option if people don’t want dirty planes :)


Good idea, but should be an option.


Questioning how the aircraft is dirty tho, looks like they had quite a bit of rain

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I fully appreciate this concept, perhaps for realism it should be an option, especially depending on airline. My two cents, I pay for these virtual jets so I’d like them to be clean :-)

what is interest from this ? sorry

Of course we want to be clean…


Looks like planes on ultra low resolution

I don’t mind that though
Can you imagine having to scrub your plane 😂😂


This would be an amazing feature I would love to fly a dirty plane . Gets boring flying a sparkling clean plane sometimes

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He obviously said it would be an option

Does it really? I never leave the cockpit, in all honesty it could be an airframe and I wouldn’t notice.

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It’s my opinion why do people comment on things when it’s ones opinion


Hey man I didn’t mean to upset you. I typed that as a casual conversational response, granted that can’t be known over type. Apologies.

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I’m not upset I was just saying that it t would be cool to fly some dusty planes

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That pic is not wear and tear its just an example of how lazy air france are when it comes to cleaning their plane


Some flaps are dirtier than others on the new planes.

This would be interesting, but would be very difficult to code. IF aircraft are a 3D plain model (no pun intended), with a texture map with the livery rendered on it. To do this you would have to use some sort of overlay on top, which would be difficult to randomly generate.

Probably not worth the effort.


Possibly something to think about when they have a “details” (like runway lights, etc) update. To be honest I won’t expect it to come out anytime soon.


Not a bad idea but must be optional. Who would want to see a dirty 787…


I like this comment!

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These whatever are actually present on some planes in IF (wings)

I think its for American B772 and a few others