Aircraft waypoints that aren’t real

Hey I’ve had a question for a long time, how do airplanes use waypoints that aren’t real. Let me explain, so I’ve been looking at aircraft routes and I’ve noticed that they don’t pop up anywhere on a data base or map

For example

Qatari 727 heading from doh-phl passing over parts of turkey

Now look at it on an infinite flight map

And now on a simbreaf chart

They just don’t exist and I don’t understand, like do real life pilots have different briefing than we do on data bases? Can someone please tell me the reason because it doesn’t make sense to me.

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It could have been vectors from ATC where the pilots didn’t follow their original FPL during that time.


Also relying on simulator software isn’t very reliable because usually it isnt as up to date as real world waypoints. Infinite flight’s waypoints aren’t the most up to date or realistic.


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