Aircraft volume rises when there is no longer communication with ATC

I see that this began to happen to me lately, after acquiring the new iPad of the Ninth generation! … Every time the ATC sends a command, the volume of the aircraft drops constantly until it is somewhat low … and when it happens a few seconds later command, it goes up quite a bit! … which would like the aircraft sounds to be heard somewhat low and the controller volume louder … does anyone know what I could do?

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Have you tried heading to the “Audio” section in the settings menu and try different options with the two sliders?

Hey from what im understanding so far it seems to me you need to head over to the settings and customise your audio settings , here you can change the ATC volume and sound and SFX volume , so for example you wished that the atc volume would be louder than the aircraft , you would simply slide the Sounds and SFX bar lower than the ATC volume which is set to default as max. After playing around with it for abit you can configure the sounds to your preference.

Hope this helps! :D

Yes! no matter how much the aircraft audio has it at approximately 10% or up to 5% volume, it always goes up as if it were at 100% after ATC sends me an instruction

Try restarting device and/or app then… And also when there is a lot of traffic, you might not be able to hear the aircraft well because there is no pause between ATC commands

As much as I do, it is not solved

There might be no solution unfortunately for you

Now I am flying with headphones, and so this problem does not happen! only when I have it on speaker does that problem happen


As @Mathurin_Garcier said a restart may help other than that unfortunately there may not be a solution but a moderater might be able to help you out, sorry for this

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Hey :) , Does this problem happens only in IF? I had the same thing with my phone in general, and I solved it by pressing up and down volume buttons at the same time for 15 seconds.

I only had it in Infinite Flight

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