Aircraft vibrations on landing w/autoland

I had tried the Auto-Landing system and when it touch down the plane is always not stable, it was vibrating around.

Autoland will not de crab so any landing in a wind direction not going straight down the runway will cause the plane to stir as it touches down. This can be stopped by quickly taking autoland off and using rudder to de crab.

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Changed the title to make the name a bit more descriptive.

If there is a wind component, as Mason already mentioned, you still have to use the rudder to align the nose of the aircraft with the centreline and keep it that way during roll-out. Autoland (APPR) will just get you to the runway, what you do afterwards is in your hands, so to speak.

If you’re talking about the airplane sliding around on rollout/taxi and after doing a long flight, it’s a small bug that is in the process of gradually being fixed.