Aircraft veers to the left after landing

Hi there, I have been having trouble keeping the aircraft straight after I touchdown. Usually after turning off the AP, I am able to steer using the rudder but lately it darts swiftly to the left. I do hope it’s a minor bug which would be rectified in the upcoming update. Anyway I use an iPad 4 iOS 9.0

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Check the wind and the auto-coordination in IF settings :)

Also, did you have a smooth landing?

i disabled auto coordination a long time ago and this is the first time the aircraft had done that. Yes I did have a smooth landing @ NatIsrael

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So what about the wind?

I have always kept it at 5 kts. I haven’t changed it for a while now

Ok so it’s in Solo… @Patrick_U, wind is ok, he disabled auto-coordination and also had a smooth landing… Any other factors to think of?

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What plane do you use?

What speed do you land at?

I have this problem too, I always have to push my rudder all the way right

Oh yes one factor I left out…

Did you check if your rudder is stuck?

It usually gets stuck if you hold onto it and tap the ATC menu at the same time

Are you landing nose down? When I used to land nose down that happened. Remember to pull up before you land, so you main hear touches down before your nose gear.

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this happens to me all the time in the embraers

I do not land nose down. It was a routine landing with 10% trim in the B767 at 138kts

Hi Slay, did you check your rudders; if they were stuck?

No they weren’t. I used the rudders to get the aircraft back on the runway

in all honesty if ti wasnt the rudders or the wind, it must be a glitch, can you reproduce the issue?

I’ve had the same problem in the 737

The dash 8 as well …

Perhaps the 767 is faulty… It’s an old model anyway

To control the direction of travel upon landing use the rudder slider to steer. When landing, if using the rudder for aligning with the runway while countering against winds before touch down, this will also impact the nose wheel position. “De-crab” is all about timing. It’s a little challenging especially with high winds and high speeds to get the timing just right at the moment the nose wheel touches down to prevent veering either way.

Practice is the best solution to this. Don’t let it frustrate you, each aircraft is a little different, so they will in turn each require adjustment to your technique.