Aircraft veering towards wind

The wind was comming from my left at 30knots gusting from 17 or so, why when I was taking off the plane started veering to the left were the wind was comming from? Can sombody explain that to me please?

I was in 787-9

Wind hitting your stabilizer, resulting in nose pointing into the wind.


The tail fin catches the wind the most, so the back of the plane will veer in the direction of the wind. Thus, if the wind is coming from the left, the back of the plane will be pushed right, and your nose will turn towards the left.


That’s exactly what happened, thank you so much for helping me!

No problem.

If you are ever taking off with crosswinds, you need to be ready to start using the rudder once your speed is increasing, and particularly once you start to rotate and lose the horizontally-stabilising effect of the nosewheel on the runway surface (once that’s off the ground, the rudder becomes your main ally in keeping your direction).

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In the CRJs if it’s a strong enough crosswind and compensating with the rudder the wings will dip and have “trim” my tablet (yoke) left or right also to keep wings level while rolling down the runway

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