Aircraft veering off runway on cross wind takeoff

Alright chumps. I’ve got a bit of a problem or more like a pure annoyance really. So I’ll set up a hypothetical scenario. Taking off runway 33 (330) and there’s crosswinds blowing at let’s say 240@12 I’ll be throttling up with takeoff flaps, I reach take-off speed and I seem to have to yank the yoke backwards because if I just ease it up (like you normally would) what happens is that the nose gear comes off but then the plane will veer to either the left or right about 5-8 degrees (I think the left in this scenario, correct me if I’m wrong) but since the ruddder is really sensitive I have to really gently correct it but it does no real use because by that time my back wheels have just lifted off the grass verge. I was wondering if it’s simply just have the arcade like dynamics work in this sim or wether I’m doing something wrong here. Some advice would be nice fellas.


I use the rudder, just slightly. I would recommend rotating quicker, but also faster. For instance a 737 rotates around 140-150 so rotates at 160-170. This usually works for me. Hope this helped. 😁


Simply just turn the yoke to stay centered in the runway and takeoff! This is what they do in real life. You could probably use the rudder but not too much! I have learned this from watching many YouTube videos… You may want to check out YouTube :)

There’s nothing wrong with infinite flight, it’s just you need to rotate quicker if the winds are faster. If you want to rotate the same way you could either use the rudder slightly or just turn the yoke all the way to the right.

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