Aircraft Variant Shorthand

In this RWA Tutorial post, I will highlight the abbreviations for certain aircraft variants:


Airbus A300B2/B4: AB3
Airbus A300-600: AB6
Airbus A310-200: A312
Airbus A310-300: A313
Airbus A318-100: A318
Airbus A319-100: A319
Airbus A320-100/-200: A320
Airbus A321-100/-200: A321
Airbus A330-200: A332
Airbus A330-300: A333
Airbus A330-800neo: A338 (This is an educated guess)
Airbus A330-900neo: A339 (This is an educated guess)
Airbus A340-200: A342
Airbus A340-300: A343
Airbus A340-500: A345
Airbus A340-600: A346
Airbus A350-800: A358 (Assuming the remaining airlines don’t cancel or modify their existing orders)
Airbus A350-900: A359
Airbus A350-1000: A35J*
Airbus A380-800: A388


ATR 42: AT4
ATR 72: AT7


Boeing 707-320/B/C: 703
Boeing 717-200: 712
Boeing 727-100: 721
Boeing 727-200: 722
Boeing 737-100: 731
Boeing 737-200: 732
Boeing 737-300: 733
Boeing 737-400: 734
Boeing 737-500: 735
Boeing 737-600: 736
Boeing 737-700: 73G**
Boeing 737-800: 738 (Can be called the 73H if it has winglets-I don’t use this but you could.)
Boeing 737-900/ER: 739
Boeing 737-X00M: 73M
Boeing 747-100: 741
Boeing 747-200: 742
Boeing 747-300: 743
Boeing 747-400: 744
Boeing 747-8: 748
Boeing 747SP: 74L
Boeing 747SR: 74R (This is for the 747SR, not the 747-400D)
Boeing 747-X00M: 74M
Boeing 757-200: 752
Boeing 757-200M: 75M
Boeing 757-300: 753
Boeing 767-200/ER: 762
Boeing 767-300/ER: 763
Boeing 767-400ER: 764
Boeing 777-200: 772(A)
Boeing 777-200ER: 77E
Boeing 777-200LR/F: 77L
Boeing 777-300: 773
Boeing 777-300ER: 77W
Boeing 777-8X: 778 (Assuming)
Boeing 777-9X: 779 (Assuming)
Boeing 787-8: 788
Boeing 787-9: 789
Boeing 787-10: 78J*


Bombardier CRJ-100: CR1
Bombardier CRJ-200: CR2
Bombardier CRJ-700: CR7
Bombardier CRJ-900: CR9
Bombardier CS100: CS1
Bombardier CS300: CS3
Bombardier Dash 7: DH7
Bombardier Dash 8-100: DH1
Bombardier Dash 8-200: DH2
Bombardier Dash 8-300: DH3
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400: DH4

Douglas & McDonnell Douglas:

Douglas DC-9-10: D91
Douglas DC-9-20: D92
Douglas DC-9-30: D93
Douglas DC-9-40: D94
Douglas DC-9-50: D95
Douglas DC-10-10: D10
Douglas DC-10-30: D1C
McDonnell Douglas MD-11: M11
McDonnell Douglas MD-81: M81
McDonnell Douglas MD-82: M82
McDonnell Douglas MD-83: M83
McDonnell Douglas MD-87: M87
McDonnell Douglas MD-88: M88
McDonnell Douglas MD-90: M90


Embraer E-170: E170
Embraer E-175: E175
Embraer E-190: E190
Embraer E-195: E195
Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante: E110
Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia: E120
Embraer ERJ-135: ERJ135
Embraer ERJ-140: ERJ140
Embraer ERJ-145: ERJ145


Fokker F-27 Friendship: F27
Fokker F-28 Fellowship: F28
Fokker 50: F50
Fokker 70: F70
Fokker 100/28-100 F100


Ilyushin Il-18: IL8
Ilyushin Il-62 IL6
Ilyushin Il-76: IL7
Ilyushin Il-86: ILW
Ilyushin Il-96: IL9
Ilyushin Il-114: I14


Saab 340: SF3
Saab 200: S20


Shorts 330: SH3
Shorts 360 SH6


Tupolev Tu-134: TU3
Tupolev Tu-154: TU5
Tupolev Tu-204: T20


Yakolev Yak-40: YK4
Yakolev Yak-42: YK2

Explanations for the odd ones:

*: Although the β€œ1000” may seem like a β€œ1” such as the A351 designation. However, the β€œ1” would be assigned to a -100, or in this case, an A350-100. Since you cannot make an A3510, the tenth letter in the alphabet, β€œJ” is used in its place. Some call it the A351 despite the 1 vs. 10 issue. If the possible A350-1100 is built, that will be the A35H (H is the 11th letter in the alphabet). Same applies for the 787-10

**: One could follow the pattern that the earlier variants use, but that would be odd, because it would be the 737, which just happens to be shorthand for the Boeing 737 Family. As a result, the 7th letter of the alphabet, or β€œG”, is used in its place. Unlike the A35J, I strongly recommend against using β€œ737” instead of β€œ73G” to reduce confusion, etc.


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@benny1263 he has…


Could be the A351, but perhaps they figured that should be for the A350-100.

Thus, they use the tenth letter of the alphabet for the β€œ10” in 1000. That tenth letter is J.

If an A350-1100 is released, then it will be A35K

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