Aircraft unstable during a crosswind landing?

Every time I have a crosswind langing everything goes relatively well untill touchdown, where I touch the main wheels down, then rudder the airplane straight, and then touch the nosewheel down. But after a second or two the plane starts literally flipping upside down and in some cases simply starts spinning on itself. I have tried everything but unless there is 0 wind plane is literally uncontrollable.


I have had the same problem, it happens to me if I accidentally touch with the nose gear first or I am going too fast. I have had time though when it just happens out of nowhere.

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You could be using too much rudder, causing the plane to flip out.

Happens on aircrafts like Spitfire, F16, F22, and others.

it could be that when you touch down and the front gear touches the rudder application turns the front wheel causing you to spin out. this is what has happened to me before. try releasing the rudder into the neutral position when your front wheel is about to touch.


Almost no rudder, only after main wheels touchdown. Tried on many aircrafts, A380 and 747-800 included. They just seem to slide off and start tokyo drifting after the front wheel touchdown, and when that wheel touches ground i have no control. No rudder, nothing.

So you let go of the rudder the instant the nose gear hits the ground? You’re not holding the device sideways or using rudder with the nose gear down? Cause that is the only reason why the plane would vear off.


In cross wind landings you need to get the nose down and then immediately release the rudder, otherwise this happens
[I repeat do not do this one]


try to use the rudder to stay on centerline at all time, whether in air or ground. If aircraft banks, use opposite aileron. I know this isn’t the most professional way, but it works.

if your landing with the front gear first and then the main gear this is whats causing it then, if not it may be that the game could be lagging causing a sudden jerk from the controls. If this is not the problem im not sure what else it could be.

Use your rudder. Always works for me. Also check out the tutorial video chief provided.

Use the rudder. It’s there for a reason😁.
Try to put the nose gear down as soon as you touch down. Also try to touch down first with the main gear on the side where the wind is blowing from.

@AndrewRG10 nice landing btw😏

Fly high😉✈️,

Guys how do I upload a video here? Kinda new to this 😅

With my knowledge one has to upload a video to YouTube then copy and paste the link here for the video to appear here.

Your poor main wheels, the maintenance techs must hate you.


Try and crab a bit also, its less likely you will crash using that technique. Use the rudder when you are close to the ground or on it

Ok got it uploaded. Don’t look at the smoothness i did it in a bus ;)
As you can see I couldn’t do anything.

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You have been with us a mear 14 Hours, what can you expect! Keep in mind IF is a simulator not a game. Read the Tutorials and practice, I suggest a C-172 initially to get a feel for the aerodynamic then fly a air liner when your comfortable etc.
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I have noticed in some small planes like the 737 or the a320, the nose wheel toucues the ground abruptly after the main gear touches. Is it because of trimming or because of spoilers as i keep them in the armed position. In big aircraft i have not faced this issue.

Why do you have flight spoilers on? And why 2 degree flaps?

As I said the landing was complete s***. Flaps 2 to be faster on the landing and have less wind effect on the airplane. Flight spoilers because I came in too fast. For what you said above, yes, I noticed that with armed spoilers the front wheel drops abruptly every time. Anyway, I’ll try to learn, even though I still don’t really understand why would a plane randomly slide with the front wheel perfectly in line with the runway. Thanks for all the answers, didn’t expect that!

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