Aircraft types

I saw at some airports that there are helipads and that got me thinking. What if we had different methods of flying in the game like gliders, helicopter, seaplane or even Jetman. With gliders online it would be cool if you had to request a toe and someone else online would agree to take you somewhere.
Or helicopters would be awesome as places like mountain stations or naval boats could be added.
Also a seaplane would be awesome as there are old and new ones that would allow for Alaska forest landings etc.
Lastly if the created jet man there could be a HUD display in a helmet visor view and much like the real one you could do tricks. But like gliders you could request a lift and wait for someone to take you in a helicopter. Also after your jump you could parachute down.
So what would you like to see in the future maybe???[poll max=4 public=true]

  • Glider
  • Seaplane
  • Helicopter
  • Jetman
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Hello! Is this a feature request? Thanks


A seaplane would be nice especially in the Maldives.


Nope I think he meant it’s a RWA topic?

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No not really because a feature would be something that already exists this is just a brain storm or idea

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