Aircraft turns right at V speeds (Global Bug)

On every aircraft in the recent “global” update. When i reach my V-speed and prepare to rotate the aircraft will yaw right. I have checked the winds and it even does this when i have a direct opposite crosswind. I always calibrate before takeoff as well.

Ipad Mini 4 128gb
Recent Update version

Thanks :)


Turn off auto coordination in the general tab in the settings menu.

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Ok thanks. At school so will do that later. Thanks mate…

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Cool. Let me know when you’ve tried that.

From memory though i don’t think i have it on :)

Your settings will have been reset when you updated to Global. I had to turn auto coordination off myself.


Oh ok thanks will check later :)

This is happening right now to me I really don’t want to crash after thirteen hours

It could be the weight of your aircraft

There was an issue in a post similar to this the other day. @Arkin_Solomon, any chance you solved your issue? Maybe you can give some insight to what was happening?

I just stabilized my device as in I put it flat on the the table, then I lifted it up and recalibrated. I can’t stabelize to well. It happens because the aircraft picks up to much speed, and looses grip, the slightest tilt, and it’ll shoot in that direction.

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This is also a solo bug.

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Perhaps some folks are rotating at an unreasonable speed (too fast)? I noticed this when I rotated in the range of 190-210kts as a test. If your taking off at those speeds, you need more flaps or you need retry setting your weight to ensure you’re not over MTW. In the past, I know people would take off at 200kts. Thats not realistic. Not sure if physics have changed in regards to that, but recalibration prior to takeoff, using rudder while taxiing, and on the takeoff roll will reduce the chances of your aircraft going sideways while taking off. Other than that, I’ve had no issue while taking off in the speed ranges of 90kts for a Cessna 208 to 150kts in a fully loaded Boeing 787-9.

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Exactly, late with your rotation

Refer to all comments above. ^

One more thing you should know. When you are taking off with, let’s say a 5 knot crosswind coming from the west (hitting the left side of your aircraft), then you have to counter with right rudder. A little before you reach your rotation speed, the aircraft will start turning to the left.

If the wind is hitting your aircraft on the left side, then it is pushing your tail to the right. All you have to do is react with right rudder to keep the aircraft straight on takeoff. Once you lift off, let go of the rudder, and turn one or two degrees into the wind to maintain runway heading (if that’s what you plan to do) depending on how strong the winds are.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this solves your issue. :)

This happens to me to