Aircraft turns black

Hey guys.I was just at KBOS on ES and there was another pilot inbound to land.He was about to land, but something looked strange as soon as the aircraft appeared.The aircraft was completely black.This is not the first time this happened.It occurs on rare ocassions though.I am getting a new device soon, so I will see if the bug happens on the device.Until then does anyone know how to stop this from happening and why it happens?Thanks!

This was at EHAM last week when it happened.

I would say make sure you are on the last update and delete your current application and re-download!

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I have the latest version updated

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You can never play IF without the latest update since like global game out

This might have to do with your internet connection. The livery might not be downloading to your device so the livery appears as blank. Check your internet connection and make sure it is strong

Full bars, Brad.My connection is strong

I’ve never seen something like it.

Check to see how fast your Internet connection is.

It might have to do with the other person’s internet connection then. It looks like the livery just isn’t downloading

Actually you are incorrect…Been many time when I go on the app store and realise I’m not on the latest updates… They do like hot fixes or something on those lines 😂

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Do you use live or solo

Try restarting your device before every flight.
Reset scenery cache, I’d say that could rarely help. But you can give it a try.

Always use live!! anyway we are here to discuss and solve someone else issue!

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I can’t tell you exactly, but I would say once or twice every 2 weeks

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Try these steps before every flight.

also check your internet speed :)

Clearing the scenery cache won’t do anything. That is for problems with the scenery itself like falling through the ground


Yes i know, I just recommended it.

Try restarting your device, turning the rendering settings and aircraft count to low, deleting and reinstalling infinite Flight and maybe clearing scenery cache

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I will try restart my device

Do you have anti-aliasing on? also what settings do you play at?

Anti-aliasing is not on.Graphic settings is on Good texture quality on High.I don’t think this will solve it though

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