Aircraft Trolling at LAX

Multiple aircraft are trolling on a Training Server at LAX.
They are currently ruining the realism.Screenshot_20190203-111143
They are blocking runways, speeding across grass and taxiways.
It is ruining the realism for this game, and it really gets me mad.
I know this is common, but a YouTuber I know is currently live streaming it, which makes it worse.

Thank you for reading.

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Hehe, if you want realism stay very very far away from LAX on the TS…


Someone is living streaming it…

I already saw many things here in the games but nothing compared to this

There will always be [insert 20 adjectives that are synonyms for inexperienced] people on TS1. Either deal with it or fly on expert. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.


Alright. Because I was just being Ground ATC at LAX, and then these people popped up and ruined my ATC session. Thanks for the info.

I’ll stop by LAX and monitor for a bit


Alright, thank you! c:

Are you allowed to ghost people on TS1?

I can if someone gives me a reason to (ie trolling others, offensive callsigns/display names, etc.) Its a less strict meaning I’m not ghosting people for taxiing through others and stuff that would get you ghosted easily on the expert server.

But on TS1 its mainly the trolls and rude players who are ruining the experience for others that I’m looking for.


On training server this is hapenning a lot at KLAX, EGLL and EHAM. Other airports are ok.


Anytime there is someone who is trolling or doing stuff that is questionable, simply shoot a private message to @moderators and I’m sure someone will be able to assist you with the ongoing situation.