Aircraft trimming

Anyone know how to properly trim the aircraft during cruise to maximise aircraft speed?

You’re trim during cruise is supposed to be 0%. The trim doesn’t effect the aircraft sped though.

Okay I was under the idea it did affect speed, I read somewhere that if you trimmed negative it helps with fuel?

Where did you read that? Fuel burn and speed are two completely different things. But no, it doesn’t help with fuel burn.

on the forum somewhere cant remb where exact

In the words of my flight instructor:
“The trim is used to take pressure off the pilot [or autopilot].”
Basically, it does save fuel during climb and descent, where ideally that little line on the trim button should not be there. In cruise though, it will cost you more fuel than you will save.

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Trim only works when flying manually without the autopilot. If you have the auto pilot on it sets it’s own pitch with control input.

Depends on Aircraft! Like MD11 uses lots of trim and A320’s etc… use 5-15% trim!

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