Aircraft too large for this airport query

Hi guys,
Just a quick query regarding being told by ATC your aircraft is too large for the airport. I planned a flight from one chinese airport to another earlier. The destination airport had a runway 10,000+ long and it wasn’t written on the runway page that the aircraft i was in (A380) was too large for the airport, but on arrival i was told the aircraft was too large - so how do we know when the airport can/can’t accommodate a larger aircraft?

Also i just entered kathmandu with the a380 and was told by ATC that the aircraft was too large, however i departed this airport earlier in the a380?

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Which airport you spawned in?

Kathmandu international. ATC was IFATC Andrew

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The elevation of the airport was 4,395ft and at that altitude 10,000ft is not enough for an A380 to reliably be able to take off.


A380 is too large for this airport, so change the aircraft.

Runway isn’t the only thing that determines airport restriction, gate size plays a major role. Kathmandu has a 36meter max wingspan gate so that’s a 321/757. The IFATC there (my self included) agreed on allowing all aircraft besides the super heavys (380/747)


Would 767s be acceptable?

You also have to take into account taxiway size and gate size. VNKT has a fairly small ramp to park at, so that could be one reason the controller denied you.

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When Andrew and I were controlling, yes it was.
He is still there so yes it’s fine.

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thanks for the responses. i was able to take off fine and the atc earlier allowed the a380. Does it come up anywhere that the a380 is restricted from kathmandu? i think it was paro airport i tried to land at earlier in the a380 and wasn’t allowed but when planning the flight it didn’t say current aircraft restricted.

Based on my research, 767 is still too large.

Off topic but I think IFATC should pay attention to aircraft size more, better with simulation and realism.

Would i be correct in saying the a380 is not technically restricted from kathmandu, but it is however too large (practically) ?

Yeah, it would not be practical.

IFATC get info about Max Aircraft Size, like here.



This does make flight planning etc a little frustrating. If the airport doesn’t state the current aircraft you are in is restricted its difficult to see how you can be declined from landing there

It isnt. A330-200s for Nepal Airlines are based at VNKT. It can certainly accommodate a 767. Turkish airlines operates regular A330-300 flights to VNKT and Qatar does once weekly A330-300 flights too. Korean Air also operates B772s to VNKT as well.


The largest aircraft I could fine that flies there is the A330-300. When I am planning a flight, I always like to check the arrival and departure logs for the airport to try and get a handle on what aircraft are and are not allowed. You can also check the airports layout on a map to see how wide the taxiways are.

In special circumstances, the largest that has been here was a 747-700 from Atlas and the A350 on its tour.

Search RKSI-VNKT in flight aware. Regular service by Korean Air using a 772

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