Aircraft Too Large Based on Taxiway/Ramp Space


Clearly my aircraft is not too large


The limitation is more around taxi/terminal space as it relates to wingspan and not necessarily runway length.


Additionally - the aircraft underlined in the screenshot is a 787-3. We don’t have that aircraft in IF, and it never made it to the real world either. Had it been produced, it was planned to have a shorter wing span than the existing variants. Wing spans being a key factor in airport size restrictions.


Try parking in a different terminal maybe. Other than that, use a cargo aircraft or a aircraft like the MD-11, which has a shorter wingspan.


The 787-8 and 787-9 have a 60m+ wingspan. The largest gate at ZSNB is 52m, that is why you were told “Aircraft is too large for this airport”. Check out this sheet for aircraft size information:

I used LiveFlight to determine the maximum gate size, you can spawn on solo in aircraft to judge aircraft size for taxiways.


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That plane is China Southern 787-8.
This aircraft can land or take off on 4E runways.
ZheJiang LiShe airport is 4E airport