Aircraft Too Big At WIBD on Expert Server

I was on the expert server earlier today on the Singapore region and began at WIBD but the ATC was unable to control the ground due to larger aircraft like the 777-300 and 787-10 is there anyway to stop these larger aircraft at this small airport.


I guess you should report them

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Well it is a Bravo airport, so there’s really no way to stop them.

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That’s a shame it’s very frustrating when there are all these large aircraft in such a small space

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Yeah that was a big problem. Also people were taxiing through each other.

This is ridiculous. I hate when people fly heavies to regional airports, let alone WIBD.

wow, that’s on the EXPERT server!! WIBD is a nice one to fly in on the DC8Q4 but much bigger than a 717 / CRJ and it starts to get silly! come on people if you want to fly silly big planes into tiny airports then please keep that on the Free Flight (new name?) server !

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