Aircraft to ATC communication screen bug

Hey guys, I encountered this bug while in YSSY today. It only happened while I was on YSSY frequency. No longer occurring but it was pretty strange.

It’s that white line that goes across the screen^

iPad Air 9.2
Latest IF version (a321 update)

Did you try to restart the iPad ?

No, but It seemed to have gone by itself once I changed frequency

Try it one more time …

Connect to the YSSY frequency again and if it doesn’t do it again , problem solved .

But if it continues and many people have the same problem , then I’ll leave this issue to the devs

There needs to be ATC

Yep still does it… I’ll restart my iPad, I’ll get back to you!

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I’ve seen this on the forum elsewhere, I think it’s already been reported as a bug. Can’t remember the exact name for the link sorry but try having a look on the search function

I did it was similar but not quite if I recall correctly

I’ve restarted my iPad and it’s still there

That’s the METAR. I think @Henrik_B has reported this on his device too.

Henrik reports everything…

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Anyways, this is a duplicate topic. Please search before posting :)

All are caused it the METAR is too long?

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Known bug :)