Aircraft tilts when taking off

As i first downloaded the app everything went fine. Now while i take off when i start rotating the aircraft tilts sharply right or left. Even without any winds and even with heavy aircrafts. Seems like a coding bug. Is there a solution for that?

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First off Welcome to the community!

It’s probably a Calibration issue. Before you takeoff press the pause menu and get your device or yoke/stick in the right spot and press “Calibrate”

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Could you let us know the speed at which you takeoff? As taking off at over 200 knots can sometimes cause this.

Unless its a calibration bug.

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And it could be what @Hamza.N said.

@Ronen_Rosenman I notice this happens as well make sure whilst taking off you Adjust your calibration and use the rudder to stay in a straight line heading down the runway. I hope this helps if not could you provide us with some screenshots to help solve your case. Happy flying 😁✈️✈️✈️.

Yeah, you’re probably taking off too fast. Generally aim for a liftoff speed of ~180kts, but crosswinds do play a factor into the takeoff speed.

I’d say that 180 knots is a bit too fast, maybe occasionally with very big heavies but usually you wouldn’t really rotate that fast, best way is to use or in-flight assistant and use those v-speeds

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Yeah, I usually stick with a ~180kts takeoff speed. Works best for me but like I mentioned crosswinds play a factor into the suggested takeoff speed.

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There’s been a few different potential “Solutions” How about we let the OP respond.

Yes i know the OP is TL0.

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You are doing one of the following

  • not calibrating
  • taking off in a crosswind (check tutorials)
  • rotating too late. Almost all commercial aircraft in game can rotate at or below 160kts

170 seems realistic, but 130? Keep in mind I regularly use heavy aircraft.

Before we nitpick the proper takeoff speed, lets let the OP reply to the many questions. Aircraft, wind, weight, etc.


I used to have this exact issue, it has nothing to do with speeds and weights.
I fixed it by simply re-downloading the app.

@Ronen_Rosenman… MaxSez: Weather, Weight and Balance, Flap setting and V’s must all be considered. See the TUTORIAL “All Aircraft Take Off and Landing Speeds (Version 19.1)


Let’s just wait for @Ronen_Rosenmanto reply now guys it’s also me who needs to take this advice 👌👌👌

That’s always an issue with weather. You should be using your rudder to align yourself by the rotate speed.

Thank you guys. Appreciate the big support. I fly a 777 and rotate at 180. Im calibarating few times even while takeoff. Maybe crosswinds are the issue…

Maybe 180kts is the issue… That’s too fast. 150-165 is usually the right speed to rotate. If you have everything set properly.

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