Aircraft that I bought two years

Two years ago, when I first downloaded infinite flight, I spent over 50€ to buy serveral aircraft. When they introduced the pro subscription, I upgraded and became a pro member. Yesterday my subscription ended, but I can‘t download any of the aircraft I bought for a big amount of money. (Yes 50€ is a big amount of money for an app!)
I will upgrade to pro again, to take advantage of the features, BUT I think it‘s simply not fair! I bought a feature and now I can‘t accses it anymore…

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As long as your are logged in with the same account from when you first purchased, you can get your planes back by using the “Restore Purchases” button. This should allow you to have access to the purchased planes prior to upgrading to PRO.


Have you tried pressing “Restore Purchases”?

EDIT: I guess Chris best me to it


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