Aircraft taxi to wrong runway

What should you do if an aircraft taxis to the wrong runway?

EDIT: Taxi to a runway that wasn’t instructed.

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If this is in TS1 then there is not much to do but your best decision is to wait for them to takeoff so you don’t end up both taking off at the same time on opposite ends.

If this is in Expert and in a Controlled airport then most likely the IFATC controller will handle it by possibly ghosting or denying the other aircraft to takeoff.

EDIT: I guess I misunderstood the question as you being a pilot. Below has the right answer if you are ATC.


Tell them again to taxi to the right runway, if they don’t make any actions to correct their actions and follow your commands then I would say please follow instructions but you can’t use that anymore so just do the first thing, however it’s most likely they won’t listen at that point so just try and work around them. The above would be used on the expert server though and after multiple warnings it would end with a ghost.

During my time of controlling on TS, I carefully picked the airport which I would control. One of the things I watched for, is that the aiport had enough wind for one end of the runway to be red. Red colour doesn’t mean you can’t use the runway, but it does help to direct pilots to the green side of the runways

As a pilot: follow the ATC instruction and ignore any aircraft that misbehaves.


but even after getting the taxi to the correct runway again. they will be needing a pushback if they are on hold short line. or they should be allowed to enter the runway and turn on the first exit.? as this is the most common sight on TS1. and the biggest reason is pilots file fpl starting one particular runway and they just want to go there irrespective of your instructions. even after that the best they’ll do is tune out of your frequency taxi there and takeoff without any clearance.

Back on TS days what I’d do is simply ignore them. If you told them to taxi to one runway, they taxied to another, just send the command one more time - mistakes happen. But most of the time they will just do what they want so just completely ignore and move on. No point on keep trying to make them go to the right place, it will just get you frustrated.

give them the runway they request, nothing is more annoying to when an airport is empty and you request the runway with the 15KT headwind and they assign you the one with the direct crosswind SMH

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