Aircraft Taxi Lights?


Not sure if this topic has been brought up before but does anyone know if there are plans to create some kind of taxi light at night? Night taxing is next to impossible because you can’t see anything. Or perhaps a landing light texture that actually illuminates the ground?


I’m pretty sure this is something that is being worked on in project metal


Like @Ethan_Brown noted, this is currently being worked on for the future.
For now, though, I recommend checking out this feature request Taxiway Lights - Feature Request .

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Welcome to the community!

This is something that is most likely being worked on in project metal. Project metal is basically something that Infinite Flight is working on to make mobile devices be able to handle things like taxiway lights. And to make the overall performance better.

You can learn more about it here:


This would be great but probably not happening soon… a year or 2 maybe? I’m not speculating, just throwing a guess out there. Let’s just say a few years.

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