Aircraft tail numbers on the wing



What is a tail number?
A tail number is a series of letters or numbers used to identify a specific airframe. A tail number can change with the owner of the plane.

As you have all noticed, aircraft tail numbers are usually marked in the wings. It can be on the lower surface of the left wing or on the upper surface on the right wing varying from airline to airline.
So, what do you think about this proposal?

It would certainly add way more realism to IF…


Anything that adds realism is a yes from me! Also, it shouldn’t be that much work - just a minor texture update


That would be so great to have :D

and for sure the ANA 788 aswell ;)


In Infinite Flight realism is king.


This is a good addition actually. In Infinite Flight, we only have this feature on Dash 8-Q400. It would be good to see this feature on other aircrafts aswell 😉


Good Idea! If it is there in real life it should be in IF, especially if it is easy to implement.


Yes, yes, and yes! This is a great idea!


This would be an awesome addition!

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Oh yes. Definitely. Vote in!
However, I would change the post’s picture.


@Kizzyjet…MaxSez: Can’t believe you paid $19+ for that trademarked photo!
just to get a pic of a “REGISTRATION NUMBER”. ( Only military aircraft use Tail numbers/serials by the way. Wing registration is not standard or universal. Most US manufactures like Boeing afix the RN on the rear fuselage, wing reg is Old School. Here’s one for you from your friend Wiki

ICAO/FAA- The registration number/ identifier must be displayed prominently on the aircraft.[3] Most countries also require the registration identifier to be imprinted on a permanent fireproof plate mounted on the fuselage in case of a post-fire/post-crash aircraft accident investigation. Military aircraft typically use tail codes and serial numbers.[4] (Wiki, see Aircraft Registration Number)


I like this, I’d love to see it on the 777/787 in particular!

I love this idea. It would add another level of realism to the planes themselves.

@LouDon16… MaxSez: Here’s a trip 7 photo at random. Note the Registration Number on the fuselage beside the rear hatch. Dem big wing numbers?


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I think he meant to request for the registration instead of the tail number


Nice request but only certain airlines carry this.

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I like the idea of this concept. power to realism

Such a simple idea, but it would add so much realism. Please vote.


Simple generic text on the livery is one thing but if you are expecting YOUR number on there then that is a different story.

If you are expecting dynamic text on the wing then I don’t think that will happen for a while if at all because of the rendering involved. You have the 3d model and then a text field under the wing and that would render like the name tags render.

Just something to think about.

Has anyone looked at one of the liveries that use under wing text and see if it is there today, I think it would depend on the reference image used at the time of building?


Finally someone requested this it’s an missing thing will make mor realism