Aircraft tag become green when cleared on approach

Today I’m asking for a very simple feature which is already available for tower. On Tower when we clear someone for landing/option the aircraft tag becomes green. That’s really helpful to know who has a clearance and who hasn’t especially when there’s lots of pattern work. On approach on the other hand we don’t have such a feature. When we clear someone nothing changes. The problem with that is we may be vectoring planes onto a 30 degrees intercept from far out. That means that they are lined up as if we had already cleared them but since they’re far out we wait a bit until they’re closer to clear. The problem is we don’t know (visually) who is and who isn’t. We have to manually check on the flight log which makes us loose valuable seconds.

I don’t think I need to make a photoshop to show what I mean but if you have any questions regarding how it would work or why it’s useful please don’t hesitate to ask!

But, some tags are already green, because they are grade 4.

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he doesn’t mean the name tag, whilst ATC, you can see a data tag on the radar screen but that one doesn’t take account for your grade


Oh yeah, ok, sorry I misunderstood.

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