Aircraft Systems

Yes, the systems of aircrafts,that could make IF more realistic.

Maybe not complicated like real aircrafts have but simplified in the way that everyone can understand.

this is the overhead panel that i made using paint;


It would be great if we were able to have it.I don’t expect this feature in the near future but,let it be in developers’ mind :)

How would it work ?
It can be concerted to IF,for example when we connect to ground power or start the APU then we turn on the hud and radar,they appear on the screen.

how would we learn ?
As most of you know there are lots of tutorial videos made by FDS to teach us something,they can do the same thing to show how it works,procedures and its rationalty to the pilots and furthermore some materials like this:

could be given by devs.
And those kind of videos i’m talking about;
- YouTube

I really wonder your thoughts,feel free to comment !

I think this topic has been in the features so…Look up for it :)


Awww thats awesome to be honest. i really wish IF developers will add this sometimes even if for just 1-2 airplanes. thats gonna be great!!


I would love this! I’ve been secretly hoping that the engine start feature would look something like this.


Basically this is covered right here.


That is a really good idea!


Not really. This feature request has more systems and buttons.


Both topics has different proposal, but they share same idea which is to add more buttons to control more functions on plane such as anti-ice, fuel balance pump, and windshield wiper. It’s tough to say if this is duplicate or not. I think we should leave this up to moderator since these two topics could be left alone as to represent two ideas for developers to pick one from.

This topic is lot simpler to add to IF in my option since it just create one more layer with fixed button position. Other topic asked for more buttons to be bind to the knobs you would see in real life and buttons would move around with knobs as you are looking around.


I already gave my thoughts on this and it still hasn’t and probably won’t change. There’s simply too much going on. I don’t want to see a bunch of buttons/words covering my screen as I’m on the systems page just wanting to turn on the lights or enabling the A/P. With the post that @Overspeed replied with, they’re pretty similar, and I would consider sticking with what has already been started. The New Cockpit UI Idea thread has covered more ground than this, in regards to the idea.

You can read my comment directly below your post. 😁


Eh they are both cool I am fine having them both


What an amazing Idea and presentation, I am most definitely behind this!


MaxSez: Clutter. (APU, Ground Pwr, Deice, Packs, Fire). Neat, Realistic but serve no useful purpose. KISS!


Realism for the win. I like the idea of having such an idea being implemented. It will make flying more realistic.


Oh wow! This is amazing! You have all my support!!!


I support this topic, right now it’s not useful. However, there is possible more details coming in future such as weather that will have pilots turn anti-ice during winter and wiper if it’s raining. One of future feature could be emergency during flight that force you to dump fuel or balance the plane by transferring fuel to other tanks. This button design idea would be useful to have with these features.

Like I said, it should be in one of layers that has light systems. In that layer, there is empty space on left side of screen so new buttons could be added there.
See picture below.

I can see enough space for two more buttons to top right corner then left side could have 8 new buttons. Top right two buttons should be tail logo light and taxi lights since right side is all about lights.


Hi, in future please find the link to that topic as your current comment is just cluttering up this topic. 😉

Would love to see this!


Awww that’s awesome to be honest it really be cool to add this ,this will just add realism to the similar


Developers can find a way to make it useful and practical and i think it wouldn’t affect simplicity of the game.


i got inspired from airbus :)


I like like like it. It’s sort of similar to those avionics systems where you can change the screen. Oh, and did I not mention(?), I like it.


Wow pilo, that’s cool idea. Would be problem for phone users through like me due to small screen.