Aircraft systems going haywire

So I was doing a KDFW-KLAX route on an Aeroflot 777-300ER (Don’t ask me why) and I decided to pull off at/around KPHX. When I kicked down the landing gear, I immediately started losing speed, even with NAV, and a set height/speed on. Eventually, my plane turns into a metal gyro ball, spinning in every possible direction, then turning into a missile and going straight into the ground. Help?

Questions a plenty…

Aircraft weight?
Your set speed?
Flap position?
Spoiler position?
Can you provide the replay?

It sounds like you stalled so these should all provide the answers, if not then the replay definitely will.

Aircraft weight: Probably a bit too much fuel, but never hurts to pack some extra.
Set speed was about ~260kts at FL360
VS: Maybe -500?
Flap position: I hadn’t deployed them yet, but was getting ready to.
Spoiler position: Same thing.
Can I provide the replay?: I am not sure exactly how to do that.
Yes, I did stall. Which is what I’m still trying to figure out

I mean if you put your gear down. You losing speed doesn’t surprise me. You stalling also doesn’t surprise me. Maybe don’t “Kick your gear down” Unless that’s a saying for something something else.

It is. I meant put down the landing gear.

Well, i wonder what could possibly go wrong with increasing your drag dramatically at whatever cruise or wherever you were at. Does not surprise me that you stalled. And lost speed. Id suggest keeping your gear up. Unless you’re about to land…

I didn’t think that was even a thing.Doesn’t autopilot have control of the aircraft regardless of what happens with the mechanics (gear, flaps, spoilers, etc.?)

Why did you drop your gear at FL360 in an extremely shallow descent?

See the below thread for guidance on how to share your replay…

Was I supposed to be descending at a higher negative VR? like -1000+

You were most likely at a low airspeed, which you made worse by putting your gear down, which you should have never done at FL360…
I usually put my gear down when I’m around 7NM out (Once established on the localizer)

You can also read this tutorial on how to recover from a stall.

And use this website to calculate your rate of descent, but for the sake of realism, you should use this along with a STAR (Approach Chart)

I like using this website for my charts, but they do not have great coverage of US airports, mainly Europe.
(To get the correct chart, simply change the LFPG to your airports ICAO code)

And if you don’t know how to read charts, this will cover you.

Hope this helps

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Well to an extent. When the autopilot tries to keep the aircraft level for example with altitude at low air speeds, it pitches the aircraft up to keep it at the altitude you set. Due to the low speeds, the angle is exceeding the limit which causes the autopilot to switch off since it is passed the parameters. :)

@thenewpilot can we mark this topic as solved?

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The flight physics aren’t designed with this in mind. The simple solution is to keep the aircraft within the flight envelope in flight it as designed.

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