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It is, as a local Calgarian I do like WestJet, but pretty sure that IF does not have the WJ livery on the 787-9 cough

They only have 1 🙂

Nope they don’t, but I would really want to see this in IF
Ran out of votes to vote it but it would be cool

America airlines flys the 757 over the ocean on many different routes

Sorry for the slight deviation - that’s not quite the case, if the runway at London City was longer, the A318 would be able to fly this route non-stop.

The aircraft has to stop at Shannon on the outbound leg as it would not be able to take off at London City with the amount of fuel required to perform the whole trip in one go, due to LCY’s short runway.

Back on topic, WestJet also operated some transatlantic routes with 737 MAX aircraft when they weren’t grounded - flights such as Halifax/St John’s to London Gatwick. You could recreate these with the WestJet 737-700 in IF.


I believe Norwegian operates 737 transatlantic flights

you mean the 737 MCAS

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Since the 757 is a narrowbody jet, American (@Alphadog4646 mentioned), Delta, & United all offer narrowbody transatlantic routes. But the 757 needs a rework, as it doesn’t offer good physics.

Not so much due to the range, but more that when taking off from EGLC due to the very short runway they can’t load much fuel and take off so, so Shannon is a technical stop for the fuel to complete the flight as well as clear customs for the USA. As at JFK they can load the full amount of fuel they don’t need to do a technical stop on the return. (Also you normally get a nice tail wind heading East too!)

I believe that Air Canada fly a B737 into Glasgow or Edinburgh as well.

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Dublin to KBDL in an aer lingus a321

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Norwegian Air operates flights from various places in Ireland to Providence and New York Steward Airport on a 737-800

sounds far… is it the farthest route for a318?

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Yes, it’s the longest route that I know of that the A318 services.

WestJet flies a 737 from Gatwick (EGKK) to St. Johns (CYYT)

Not American or Canadian but TAP flies certain flights with A321LR (e.g. OPO-EWR).

But the A321LR is not currently in the game, so it won’t be as realistic as others if you fly it with the in-game A321-200.

True, but there were B737MAX routes recommended as well, therefore I wanted to mention this too (especially as Porto is very lovely).

There are several Delta, American, and United 757 transatlantic routes. I know off the top of my head that delta sends a 757 from MSP-KEF and American sends a 757 from DFW-KEF. Also icelandair sends 757 to a bazillion places in the US, so there’s a start. EWR-BCN used to be on a 757, on United, which is what I flew, but now they send a 787-10. Lucky. Rip lol

Boston to CDG in a Delta 757. Real life route.

British Airways A318/19

Just like @Dylan_M

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