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Hello, I was wondering are there any trans-Atlantic routes that I can fly in narrowbody aircraft? Preferably a American or Canadian airline.

British Airways Flight 1 & 2
Airbus A318


I was about to say that.


I believe Air Canada does some flights from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador (basically St. John’s and Halifax) to Heathrow on A320

Eglc-Shannon-kjfk, if you want to be realistic

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Also don’t forget the stopover and Dublin
But KJFK to EGLC does no stop and dublin

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A318!? Bruh I didn’t think that thing had long range


The more you know

There’s a flight called ba001 that runs a318 along that route search it up

Actually the inbound to JFK route has a stop in Shannon, where the passengers would go through customs and they would refuel the plain because this route gets very very close to the max range of the plane.

I believe it’s meant to be a flight for Ba world flyers or something like that it’s call sign “speedbird 1” originated from the Concorde callsign which used to do EGLL to KJFK in that callsign

Just asking then how is it able to get back to EGLC without stop over?

just realised going off topic here

I saw the flight once at JFK

How many A318s does BA own?

You can also fly a WestJet 737-700 from Halifax to London.

Only one which operates that route

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West jet operates one of their 737 to Glasgow from Halifax.

Edit: didn’t see one of the posts above, seems like west jet operates quite a few transatlantic routes from Halifax. Sweet!

That’s one of their transatlantic 737 routes

There is also WestJet from Calgary to London-Gatwick under callsign WestJet 1 but that uses a 787-9 so may not be interested in that

I believe this is also WestJet’s longest route, correct me if wrong

Not really, their longest route is CYVR-EGKK with their 767 under WS22.

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