Aircraft suddenly losing power

Hello, I am currently flying over Spain and I am noticing (not for the first time) that my plane starts to suddenly increase the throttle to 100% and lose speed, despite the favorable winds staying unchanged at low speeds. The 2 previous hours were flown with roughly the same weight, at the same altitude and the same winds.
I have had this issue in the past, where my plane would suddenly struggle with the harmless conditions it had flown in the previous parts of the flight.

Currently, I am flying an A320 with a 65% load at FL370. I am 99% sure this is appropriate since I have hundreds of flight hours in this aircraft with this kind of load in these conditions and I have never had issues before this year (I am not entirely sure when this started to occur for the first time). I am also following the real-life flight with a similar weight with regard to the flight path and altitude.

After some time and my plane losing significant speed (my A330 once stalled and started tumbling down to earth), it all goes back to normal with my plane suddenly being able to generate more power again and accelerating back to the normal speed it had before this weird occasion. All this happens within minutes and with the same conditions before, during, and after the occasion.

Do I not take into account a certain parameter or what is my issue?

Device: iPad Pro 2018
Operating system: Newest iPadOS


Suddenly losing power may mean you went out of the region. Try making another flightplan away from the region’s limit.

I might have missed adding, that I am flying on the Expert Server.

By losing power I mean, that my plane flies at 80% of the throttle and suddenly it goes up to 100% despite no change in the surroundings.

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i had the same problem, about 2 hours ago, on my flight from ist to cgn in the turkish a330

Most likely reason I can think of is that you are flying too high for an aircraft of that weight/range. Not sure if this is correct though.

Simply put, a stall.

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But I already tried to explain, that this is most likely not the case.

I have flown with even heavier weight for the past two hours at the same altitude with the same winds. I have also flown the A320 for several hundred hours in the same conditions and situations without a problem. It wasn’t a stall, as the the switch from 100% throttle usage back to 80% happened in 1 second and wasn’t the result of me slowly fighting against the stall.

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Might be wind shear.

The winds didn’t change though. I watched the whole thing.

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Hello @MxP

Is it possible for you to send any videos or replay that you have of this.

If you have had this multiple times, is there anything that you can think of that each of the flights that lost power had in common which could help reproduce this issue for someone else who might try and recreate your flights.


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Can you let us know what Mach setting you had set for your cruise? It’s also possible that there was a really quick glitch in the weather/winds.

.78Mach. This time I dropped to .76M

FL370 seems high to me for 65% load. I would have waited at FL350 for an hour or more.
My 2 cents.

That still doesn’t explain the events though

Dang it. I forgot to check it and now I am inflight again. I will try to remember to do so when I land though

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I tried to test your conditions in solo mode. Roughly same weight range I think, FL370, speed set to Mach .78.

Because you said you didn’t see winds as a factor, I left winds at calm.

I can get an immediate change from mach .78 to mach .76 if I suddenly change the temperature from, say, 20 C to 35 C.

These are sea level temperatures which affect what you experience at altitude (it declines by a rule as height increases).

It immediately throttled up to get back to the .78 setting.

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This is interesting - I had a similar issue (albeit more extreme) for the Air Europa event last week. Approach the west coast, a sudden 100% throttle, dramatic speed loss but then suddenly registering mach .9something, pitching up, AP disconnects and death plunge. Like you said, weight etc. all normal.

I put this down to a new bermuda triangle forming to the west of Spain :)


I also been having issues with that, maybe a server glitch that the are trying to fix

You obviously suffered some wind change, but a safe altitude makes it safer :

Also, this is another look at the same thing:


The A330 isnt a strong plane when it comes too takeoff you have to pitch at like 10 degrees the engines arent strong and for the a320 idk maybe too much V/S idk

I flew one time from Orly to Split and saw a plane crash over the Austrian Alps, but the wind that day was at 100-140kts. Luckily I arrived safely to my destination.