Aircraft suddenly falling through ground?

Can someone please explain what this is, I have had this issue before, around a year ago, and today, when attempting a flight from EGCC - LXGB, my “Tui Boeing 737-800” decided to fall through the ground when taxiing to Runway 23R at Manchester??? It refused to move and I also tried full power and pushback which did not do anything, please help? ![image|820x461](upload://z66DMhLxXOW58XPJ1AgdQegwqRs.jpeg) ![image|820x461](upload://4sIAPutnTFQNkYRWJaa6o28jZEY.jpeg) ![image|820x461](upload://jhsdEu9Z4DeWJhvj79wk35NQdqc.jpeg)
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These steps from the user guide may be helpful :)


Thank you, I will give this try 👍🏼😊

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