Aircraft suddenly descends even though I have set the autopilot to climb

So I’m flying in an a330neo right now and during my climb, I notice that my aircraft is descending slowly when it reaches about FL340. At FL320-FL330, it starts climbing up again. My speed is okay, I am at a safe speed (240-250kts, GS: 509kts) and I’m not stalling at all. It seems like my autopilot really wants to descend because it is the one who actually pushed my nose down (but not too low, it’s almost as if the aircraft really wants to descend.) What do I do?

What Mach speed are you at?

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What were the winds? Because each aircraft react to different winds differently, some may becsteady and some may be going crazy like the A321.

thank you!

i think i’m flying with a strong tailwind, im just not sure about the wind speed

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I was at about M 0.80 - M 0.81

Hmmm that’s weird. How heavy is it?

it was at 51%

This is weird… what’s your VS

I have set it to about 2100 fpm, but changed it to 1800 fpm after it happened

Ok. Stay at fl330 and go at M0.82 and see what happens

unfortunately, i’m not on the flight anymore. I’m on a different flight right now so yeah. I only want to know by now why it happened

Lol. Ok, I reckon you probably just had a bug or some bad winds. Happy flying!

thank you! you too.

2100 or 1800 is much to high a VS to climb after 28k and especially in the A330neo. After 28k go a humble 1000-1300VS and you shouldn’t have that problem again.

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i didn’t know about this. thank you! i’ll keep this in mind

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If you could share your replay file for this flight, we might be able to understand why your aircraft was descending.

Here’s how to export your replay from the app

I’ll try sending them tomorrow at about 9am, GMT +8. I’m on a flight right now, hehe.

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Forgot to say, but the A330 and A340 family are but underpowered when it comes to high altitudes, stay low and ascend 1-2000ft during your flights every now and then