Aircraft Stuck on a Loop at SPJC


Not sure if this is Live or Support but we appear to have an inbound aircraft stuck at SPJC on Training Server going from 50ft to -300ft

Clearly the pilot has fallen asleep but he is looping right over the runway threshold and causing some confusion for other pilots

Not sure if he can be force quit? Poor guy has been there now for a good 10 minutes

Thought there would be a timeout or something?


30minutes now, Trump must be getting airsick 🙂


I want to watch this.

I have never seen this before 😂😂😂

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Mr trump no!

Sir that’s not how you land.


Ok, ending ATC soon but Trump is still doing his thing so anyone inbound to SPJC just be aware 🙂

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I believe this is a well known issue. I feel sorry for whoever is on board though. 😂

139 kts in a clean configuration??!! He should’ve stalled ages ago!! Clear indication that the 74 needs a rework to make it realistic!!

It’s a bit hard to stall when you’re 270 feet underground, isn’t it…

In all seriousness, this is just a bug. You can’t replicate it (and you would certainly stall if you hit 140 knots in a jumbo).

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He probably glitched through a mountain or something. I know on solo you can glitch into Mount Everest (and space launch F22 XD)

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