Aircraft Strobe and beacon Lights

Does anyone else think think strobe and beacon lights should blink in the patterns like they do for individual aircraft in real life?


I thought the already did.

No they all blink identically. In real life, certain planes strobes may blink twice, or only once. However in IF they all blink twice.

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For example, the 737-900 some 767-300s, 787 and 747-8 have one long flash like this:


a321’s lights flicker

onoffon onoffon


on off…on off…on off


Interesting. Didn’t know it.

Thanks for the example.

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Mad Max Sez: Give me a break! I’m going to bring Mr. Peanut out of retirement if these asinine space filler continue to be generated repeatedly! Let keep it relevant, mature and post worthwhile topics shall we!


I think it would really cool if we had realistic lighting


Just wonder I we can get a chance to have tail strobe light also…we just have wing strobe light now

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I hope they take note and implement this with the 787.

PS: Tail Strobe!

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