Aircraft still able to spawn in occupied gates

While in previous updates aircraft were unable to spawn into gates that someone has spawned into already, the current update has caused that restriction to be overturned. In the 5 flights I have done I have had people spawn into my gate 5 minutes after i already spawned and was continuously connected. How this became possible again doesnt make sense.


@USA007 were you active at your device at the time, or had you not touched the screen for a while?

Was typing in my FPL

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Odd, I’m trying to replicate it now by attempting to spawn on occupied gates and each time I cannot get any further than the main page before it alerts me that the gate is already occupied. The only exception being where an aircraft had begun its pushback and I spawned then, apologies to whoever it was

Edit: going to continue testing on a few devices at different airports, might be something that can’t be replicated consistently.

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well this is weird

@USA007 what aircraft were you in? And, if you can remember, the aircraft that spawned on top of you?

772ER for both times. With a 772Er spawning in on me both times.

See if you can coordinate with someone and have someone typing in a FPL. This was on my iPad Gen 6

Okay perfect, thanks for the info. I think it’s related to the 772ER specifically

Already on it. Some wonderfully helpful people here in the community 😉