Aircraft stalling

I was flying a KLM 777-300ER from EHAM-WSSS and when i slowed down to drop to flaps 30°. The aircraft dropped to a dangerous speed meaning it stalled out. I crashed meaning i didnt get the full reward of a 12 hour flight


And what speed was that?

Flaps cause drag. Why didn’t you increase your thrust?

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Also did you drop flaps all at once or incrementally? There internet is plentiful in approach checklists and what should be used when!


Be aware of different factors such as the drag of flaps, speed (as said above) and the weight. The weight increases directly proportional with your speed and flaps, so try to deploy flaps with faster speeds when you have too much weight

I would use a checklist because they really help. I use them and I’m living proof. Either way, the 777 has very sensitive flaps. So you should use them sequentially, as you reduce speed. Gradually dropping them from Flaps 1 at 250KTS GS to about Flaps 30 at 150-160KTS. Also, I would want to drop flaps 30 before gear down or during gear down. Also, do all of this with consideration to your weight for thinking’s like: final approach speed, approach speed, etc!

I hope that wasn’t too long 😊🤣.



Around 145

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What is your load percentage?

By the time i could react, i was uncontrollable

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This not an issue with the application though :) Be more mindful of your aircraft in the future and I’m sure everything will work out just fine.


Like others have said, you don’t want to go straight from flaps 0 to flaps 30. Doing that causes a dramatic change in drag. Too much drag, and its game over.

What was the wind