Aircraft Stalling @ 250 Knots

why the system still saying stall or push yoke in speed 250 and the altitude is 1300ft?.

Maybe because your load was over the maximum takeoff weight. When you are trying to climb your plane might of been to heavy which decreased airflow around the wings. Check your weight and balance and if your weight is in red, lower it. Or maybe it is because you have flaps or gear down which increased drag. It could also be that it is just a glitch ;)

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Too heavy with no flaps or pulling out of a dive in swing back wings will cause limited airflow and a stall (doesn’t happen in Delta wings)

Could you be a bit more descriptive?
What aircraft? How much weight?


i use the 777-200ER…my weight is 70%…thank you sir

MaxSez: Was the aircraft calibrated during preflight? Was a yellow bar visible in the Trim Tab setting?

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The only reasonable explanation i can come up with is that you’ve shifted all the cargo to the back of the aircraft. Try to change the settings in Weight and Balance to “Heavy” and make sure the “Synchronize” box is checked.

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thank sir…my weight is 70% and my gear already in…but i use the flight wing

i include the 40% trim before takeoff to make it easy up…

@Sandah_Bajing_Last_E… MaxSez: In IF at preflight calibration Trim should be at 0/0 with no bar showing. Recommend not setting trim until airborne check for appearance of Trim bar in flight, adjust as required.

(40% + or - ?)


40% is a bit too much. But, if you’re at 250knots at 1300ft and stalling… whats your angle of attack? Has to be pretty high for it to stall.

ok…thank sir…but for many pilot…if the aircraft to over weight…he use the trim for easy up the aircraft

turn to hdg 130° and the same time i still in up

o…thank sir…i can be better for flight next…

MaxSez: “OVER Weight”. I’m confused, weight and balance + CG are established on the ground. Trim adjusts angle of attach. Believe your problem is Trim mis-adjustment. Your 40% input Is forcing the nose up thus inducing a reduction in lift causing a asymmetrical stall…

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