Aircraft spot on my gate

The update said will show up the gate will be display as taken. But why this silly pilot could spawn on my gate?
Could anyone advise? Am disappointed

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It is possible that you both spawned in at roughly the same time. The system doesn’t instantly register an aircraft at the gate as the server still has to update.

Here is a quote from Laura backing up @TwinsRock88’s statement.

So in other words, collisions can still happen. The only thing you can do now is to spawn at a different gate :)

But I am sure that I spawned first than him he appeared after 20 secs…
I was doing my flight plan then suddenly that dude just came in…

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Yeah, the gate availability lasts up to a few seconds before it appears that it is occupied. I don’t know the exact waiting time. If you don’t want to move or choose another gate, you will have to ignore it. He can’t be punished for this error. This small hiccup doesn’t mean this feature is broken, however. We all just have to live with it.


Also, if someone were to just turn the device off without swiping up the app or fully shutting it down, when you re-enter Infinite Flight, you can spawn in on someone… This has happened to me (I have unfortunately done it) but I usually de-spawn right after that… It can also occur with network issues so when the person comes back online, the plane would show (from what I know)

Yes, it might have been 20 seconds, but sometimes it doesn’t appear on the screen an aircraft, he could have been their with you for at 10 seconds but you screen took an extra few seconds for you to see him, or also since the new update he could have been in the loading screen for a longer period of time than you, he is using a new aircraft, and he may not have downloaded it yet

Okay then…
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