Aircraft spoilers (flight and armed)(rework)

Editor note: I hope this is in #features if not could someone please help. Also I don’t know if I did this correctly, but I do hope I did.

Please add more options for extending spoilers (both in flight and armed) instead of what there is currently.

  • Yes
  • No

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There are already requests for reworked spoilers on various aircraft. This would have to be posted in #features and also contain more details. In its current state this wouldn’t pass

I tried. It just wouldn’t show up…

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That’s because you need to be Trust Level 2 to post in #features. Keep being active, liking posts and you’ll get there in no time!

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We appreciate your post today, but in order to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be Trust Level 2 (TL2).
Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic.

Edit: darn it @Kirito_77

I write mine out By hand so I don’t have to go searching for the copy paste 😉😉


Can I get this deleted then? As I don’t have permission…

I have already flagged for moderators attention. They’ll hopefully see to it when they have a chance 🤗

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