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—I have noticed ever since the update came out that as I am ascending to my top altitude the speed of the aircraft drops really fast around 22,000 feet and it makes the plane stall. I am not sure why this is happening please help.

Hey Dominic! What aircraft type are we talking about here?

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At first I was just thinking it was a problem with the A340 because I had noticed other glitches in it but then I flew the B773 and I was having the same problem with that one too.

Hello! What is your aircraft weight when you take off and your cruising altitude?

The A340 was about 590,000lbs and the B773 was about 750,000lbs. My cruising altitude was 38,000ft

Seems like you’re too heavy. You should be flying at a lower altitude until u burn enough fuel to step climb up

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But it’s as he is passing through FL220, if anything, the way OP was describing is a sudden change of wind

Try step climbing, meaning go to different altitudes at different times.

Maybe set the first cruise as FL310, a few hours later FL330, then FL350, eventually reaching your cruise.

Make sure to have 2-3 hour differences.

Oh disregard my message above then.

Perhaps your VS was too high and your speed was too high as well?

This is also a factor. @Dominic.berry3 could you provide a replay by any chance?

Idk I normally do all of my flights in single player and just set it to 5x speed. I have done hundreds of flights on there and I haven’t had any problems. It had just started happening after I updated the app. I have also noticed after I do get up to my cruising altitude after the plane stalled that the flight is noticeably longer. I have done the New York - London route probably like 5 times and it’s about a 5-6 hour flight. I did it again today and it was about a 8 1/2 hour flight. I think my airspeed was 270 and the ground speed was 360.

I usually speed up to 315 knots after 10,000

I never had this problem. What speed are you climbing at?

What airspeed are you at once you reach 20,000 ft and what vertical speed are you climbing at?

Do you have a replay file you can share? It would be easier if we could see what was happening. All of the above comments summarize what the issue could have been.

I lowered my speed after takeoff and I also tried step climbing and it fixed my problem. Thank you all for your help!

Glad to hear it.

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