Aircraft Speed Sets To 84kts Upon Spawning

I was playing around in Solo when I noticed that my speed was set to 84kts when I spawned in. I tried resetting IF and nothing happened. I went into a Cessna Skyhawk to look at it closely. The plane immediately flies up and cruises despite the engines being at idle.
Device Specs
*iPhone X
*Latest iOS
*Latest IF update
*Tested with: A340 and Cessna Skyhawk
Is it corrupt files or just simply in need of a restart? Or something else? Thanks!!

Check your weather settings.


I checked that, I turned all weather off and to a random setting too.

Your weather must Be Very Extreme
How about just disable Autopilot if it was on autopilot

Delete and reinstall usually fixes most issues. A video would really help.

It could be because your weather is set to 84 kts headwind.
If you go online does it happen.(shouldn’t anyway)

Weather is the only reason that would happen.

Just checked my weather and I did have a huge headwind. Welp, I just embarrassed myself. 🙄

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We all make mistakes…😉