Aircraft Speed on Approach

180-200 is good, but there are many inconsiderate people who go slow at 120-130 and make the planes behind go around

This is true, but 80% of the time people are going way too fast. We speed people up if needed, but why slow someone down when there aren’t big traffic conflicts, right? Shouldn’t be up to us to tell you to slow on your flight plan.

*not directed at you, just adding a comment overall

I agree. I had a short time of gap cuz of this (you know)

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Also, are you talking in final approach or during the patterns of flight? 120-130 right before landing is usual.

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I personally think there should be something where it tells you " Approaching speed limit " or something that’s similar.

Well, we have the 260 kts speed restriction and technically, going 250kts on final isn’t against the rules. It just isn’t truly appropriate.

@PlaneGeek made a feature request that could help keep pilots and ATC equally responsible with speeds, linked below

Maintain Visual Separation Command for ATC

Slight typo here.

Otherwise great post!

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Great job, I have seen this and a post is needed to clear it up.

One suggestion is having final at 160-180, 200 IAS is quite fast on final

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This is a great topic. Since today’s hub is Salt Lake City, aircraft speeds are an even bigger issue. SLC has an airport elevation of 4000+ feet with a downwind altitude that can sometimes be above 10.000 feet due to terrain. If you are flying in on a STAR using VNAV, more often than not, you will be also still be above 10.000 feet at SLC.

Please don’t take this as an opportunity to fly at 320kt on downwind. Too many times are pilots taking advantage of the high elevation to fly super fast.

It is unacceptable for the rest of the planes in the line ahead of you, with perfect spacing, to be flying one hundred knots slower than you because they are doing the correct thing. This only creates issues and ruins the day for a radar controller.

Please. Don’t. Do. It. The TS is always there for you.

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I have saved this topic because it’s really interesting and now that I’m on the process of joining IFATC it can also be very useful

I can imagine recent grade 3 people flying downwind at 345kts for fun

Nice topic with valuable information

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I’m not taking intercepting final. I think 200 is appropriate, but not all the way down the cone of course. I prefer 180, but I can work with 200 in most cases.

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Thanks for the information provided ;)

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Im really sorry, Im one of these people, since this ive felt embarrassed and make sure to slow down earlier


Well that’s why I made this topic! Glad you have read this and are going to help out, really appreciate it!

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By final do you mean turning from base to final? Because 180 - 200 is a little fast for final, especially once established on the loc. Most airliner’s final approach speeds are between 135 and 165 depending on the load of course

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I’m talking when still on approach, so that intercept to final (Base to final if you wish)

Once established and with tower, slowing down is needed. We’ve seen people going 250 on final final, 135-165 is definitely ok and recommended once established (165 established, 135 short final right before landing). Thanks for asking!

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That’s a great topic!

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Nice topic!
Thx a lot!

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