Aircraft speed decreasing with Turbulence

I am doing KATL to SBGR at 37,000 and my plane is moving violently without any feedback from me and my airspeed is decreasing any help?

I’d probably descend if you are starting to lose airspeed. Try FL350 and if it works, hold that altitude until you burn more fuel and winds die down.

Hey hey!

What Aircraft are your currently flying?

An A359/…

What are the winds?

84 kts near tail wind

What’s your Throttle setting up to?

101% n1 on auto pilot

Is it fluctuating heavily?

Yep your too heavy for alt, it’s best if you descend then throttle will decrease. It’s best if you go to an alt like fl330, that would lower the N1. Your max N1 should be around 90%, if it’s higher than that your plane is either too heavy or it’s struggling because of strong headwinds. As i said, your best bet is to descend.

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Its moving like a roller coaster

Like @Kedz and I said, descend. You probably won’t have problems at a lower altitude.


What’s your autopilot speed set to?

Ok so there could be quite a lot Windshear.

Try descending down. Also are you still climbing?

Yea I’m at FL350 and its better I was probably heavy for that ALT

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.85 is my speed

I’ve flown A350s at 37000 at MTOW with crosswinds, FL350 should be more than bearable.


Same man, OPs N1 shouldn’t be this high, quite surprising. What’s your load currently at? @Captainflight

70% is the percent

And it’s a tailwind, so if anything, the throttle input from the autopilot goes down.

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