Aircraft speed cuts to 0 and climbs to 100.000ft+ (also Hit the Ground and didn't crashed) (Helicopter bug)

O no
Already happened inflight before the update

Device:Cubot X11 Android 4.4.2


And then I was ghosted due to 3reports

Already mentioned

But this time it was in Air at cruising Speed and the throttel cuts to0 in the other Threat it was at parking (already 0kts) and just spinning and climbing this time it also Hit the ground and didn’t crashed

True I’m thinking they are probably related though same type of issue plane goes into a flap spin and gains altitude and ground speed for no reason.


think of yourself as a helicopter …in all seriousness i hope it gets fixed


I better if you let it go you could probably reach 2 million altitude or outer space lol


Let’s Call this Helicopter bug

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It might be your device

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It has a very exotic Chinese CPU

Exactly Chinese not the best

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Does this only happen with the 787?

Just for the heck of it, how many violations did you end up getting?

I had something similar once with the A320 without spinning (I was on Approach as my KIAS turned to 0 and my plane turned upsidedown and crashed into the ocean seconds later

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