Aircraft Specifications

Based on your own experience or personal preference, what is the most accurate Aircraft Specifications available online for our fleet? I’ve looked through a number of websites such as Skybrary and Wikipedia among other but they all have different numbers and stats. For example, different range in NM for the A318, so which is the most accurate?

Here’s some specs I’m looking for

Cruise speed:
Stall speed:
Fuel capacity:
Seating capacity:
Rate of climb:
Service Ceiling:

Look up the aircraft on Wikipedia. Once you’re at the aircraft’s page, there should be a section listing Aircraft Specifications.

You’ll find your data there.

I have went on the Airbus website and it mentions the cruise speed range seating capacity and fuel capacity an example I have chosen is the A318

The link

The Airbus website is good it’s got half of the information you want to know

Things like rate of climb mostly depend on the amount of fuel/weight on-board the aircraft.

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