Aircraft Specific Strobes

Hello everyone,
As you know in Infinite Flight most aircrafts don’t have the correct strobe light but the B787. The current strobe lights on all aircrafts other than the B787 are very close to the Airbus aircrafts but it’s not timed right.

Here are the types of strobe lights you can see.
B777: (skip to 3:50)

Most Boeing aircrafts have the same strobe light other than some aircrafts like the B787 and the B737MAX. In my opinion, this adds a lot of realism. I really hope this feature gets added.

Video credits to the poster of the video

The 737-800 has the new strobes as well. I’m sure Southwest has them, but I’m not sure about the other operators.


You got my vote for this. This increases the realism by a lot.


MaxSez: NS, I agree with this one, plus all aircraft tires must be made by Goodyear w/raised white lettering and cleated in the winter in Conus, Alaska all year long.


I have a feeling this will come with a rework. Great idea anyway, the strobes will look amazing at night in a busy airport in IF.

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Hopefully the CRJ family will get their proper strobe pattern.

@Matt737, all of the 737’s with the scimitar winglets have the 787 style strobes, most of the NG’s have the new strobe as well

Did anyone else think that ANA772 takeoff was short?

CRJ900 takoff


Voted,it’s a real good idea I think !

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That ANA777 in the 777 video sounds AWESOME!! (Sorry to be off topic but I had to)


Yeah, that will be cool!

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I think tha A380 strobes are currently the same for all Airbus aircrafts, from A318 to the real A350
so that feature is about to rework IF airbus’s.
I really agree with that request.

Here are the right airbus strobes lights


are u gonna install on ur car or what? :D

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no at or
it’s not my video

Returning votes. Some of these aircraft have been reworked to a degree and these strobes will likely be implemented as they’re reworked. 🙂